Born into the matrix

Elephant riding is unnatural. They’re wild, strong and they definitely do not want to be ridden by humans. A human body could be instantly crushed under their immense strength. How, then, are we able to tame such a beast to be a human’s fun ride? Training such an elephant is not a small nor a… Continue reading Born into the matrix

The three girls

Do you know what it’s like to love those who hurt you. Do you know of the pain that follows when you realise this truth. Do you know how to stop loving your flesh and blood for the sake of your own life. Let me tell you a story. An unholy marriage occurred between two… Continue reading The three girls

Out of the cult

I’ve been very vocal about my personal views, experiences and analysis of the bible and Christianity in general. In the last few months or so I’ve been feeling okay enough to talk about the particular Christian cult that I grew up in. The thing about cults is they hate being called a cult. It makes… Continue reading Out of the cult


I don’t usually feel the need to explain myself. I do now though; particularly for the sake of those offended and confused by my rejection of Christianity. I don’t just reject this set of beliefs on a personal level; I actively stand against it in society. It is my strong belief that religion and spirituality… Continue reading Why

I like her: Speak and do

Even in the sense of physical strength, there remains so much deception and lies. Yes, men are generally more prone to muscular strength on average but that does not imply the opposite for women automatically. Women and men are not polar opposites. Just because we can’t gain muscle as easily does not mean that we… Continue reading I like her: Speak and do


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