I like her: Speak and do

Even in the sense of physical strength, there remains so much deception and lies. Yes, men are generally more prone to muscular strength on average but that does not imply the opposite for women automatically. Women and men are not polar opposites. Just because we can’t gain muscle as easily does not mean that we can’t become physically strong. It’s so strange when weak men talk about male strength as the reason for superiority when so many women could take them on easily. It’s rather silly that everyone assumes that the female body is supposed to have minimal muscle. If things weren’t “supposed to be” a certain way why is it even possible to make it so through lifestyle choices? I saw a strange article after the discovery that a highly honoured warrior grave of old belongs to a female warlord. What was strange about the article was it stated that this was a shocking discovery since male scientists had assumed that women could not have been celebrated warriors. According to the article, they assumed that the sentiment of women being physically powerful in any way was just to make women feel better about themselves. What. What is up with men assuming that they know women better than women know themselves. I haven’t been to the gym for 3 months. I have lost a significant amount of muscle but because I maintain an averagely active lifestyle I’m not gaining weight. When I went to Thailand for a week on holiday I got back more ripped than ever because the main mode of transportation is walking; add the snorkeling and other activities and there was only muscle gained. Most women aren’t active in any manner which is why they are so unaware of their physical capabilities. They just assume that their gender makes them physically helpless. I was not allowed to participate in sporting activities as a child since it was considered unladylike and required clothing that I was not permitted to wear. It’s also a critical fault in Indian culture anyway. No emphasis is placed on physical health and fitness. That’s tragic.  So much personal growth is stunted by the ridiculous stereotypes. Anyone can do anything. So many women are afraid to try new things or venture out into the world. That’s depressing. You’re going to die without even experiencing a fraction of what life has to offer. Mental health is so critical to be successful and fulfilled in life. Mind blocks heavily deter women from activities that make life worth living. I do fully stand against body shaming. But I think fat shaming should be renamed to “being an asshole”. It’s bullying and mean. I don’t believe that being unhealthy should be encouraged or glorified though. Body shapes, bone structures, height, etc cannot be expected to be a certain way. Every human body is entirely different. But I don’t particularly feel comfortable with obesity, in particular, being forcefully projected as attractive. It is dangerous to glorify poor health but it’s also dangerous for media to project ideas of how you should look. Physical health should be the only part that matters. I’ve let myself go on multiple occasions. It seemed to correlate to my romantic relationships becoming toxic. It made me realise whenever I was sinking into depression. I gained a lot of weight toward the end of my most toxic relationship. I hated looking in the mirror. I felt lethargic and miserable. My energy levels were rock bottom and I could feel how unhealthy my body and mind was becoming. So I then gained even more weight because of comfort food. It became a vicious cycle. The day I truly ended that relationship I began to train at least 4 days a week and stopped eating junk food. Within 2 months I lost the 10 kg and it felt so good. I was so relieved to be out of the toxicity and so energetic that I honestly barely felt the conventional break-up sadness. Detoxing your body ends up detoxing your mind as well. Exercise is therapeutic and stress relieving. Caring for personal health and looking good is healthy. Being smart is very empowering, but it honestly isn’t enough. The satisfaction and fulfillment that you get from physical ability is inexplicable. I prefer my own DIY around my house. It doesn’t just save me money; it makes me feel accomplished. Sure, I bruise, cut and bang myself up often (seriously, I’m so clumsy and impatient), but when it’s done I feel so proud of my work. I’ll often stare at a door I put up, rooms I’ve painted and windows I’ve fixed. It feels good to know that your capabilities save so much money. Self sufficiency is so empowering. You also learn so much about yourself. I love interior decorating. My place has to be personalised with all my fangirl art. I love arts and craft stores. Making candle holders, designing and making cosplay outfits, boxing, setting up equipment… all you have to do is act on what you want and need. Try it. If you like it you’ll most probably be good at it. If it turns out shitty then you decide whether it’s worth pursuing. I tried baking a few times. I followed the recipe as closely as I could but cooking does not come naturally to me and I fucked it up royally. This is one of the reasons I can not believe that food preparation is the domain of women in general. I try; I really do, but I hate being in the kitchen so much. It’s not worth my time and frustration so I’d rather pay someone else for that.

A huge part of growing up and becoming a woman is the realisation that 99% of men you have been made to hold in high regard “ain’t shit”. Girls are made to feel small. We looked up to males around us because we’re taught that we need protection and that somehow they’re just naturally better than us. Ask men for advice – they’re somehow wiser. Most leadership roles are dominated by men so that must mean they’re smarter… right? No no… no no no… so many lies. So many. As you grow older, observe personalities and learn from mistakes you start seeing people for who they are underneath the public facade and fake confidence. Women are naturally more intuitive. I want to give the benefit of the doubt when I get bad vibes from someone but somehow my own personal intuition has never led me wrong. I see the connections between words, actions, expressions and it’s easy to translate once you’ve seen a particular type of behaviour before. I can almost instantly make out potential abusers. Women are sadly all too familiar with the telltale signs.

Because we are raised in heavily misogynistic environments we automatically assume that male opinion is to be valued above our own. We heavily underestimate ourselves. Being taught to be ladylike (which mostly entails being timid and shy) leads to women not standing their ground on their own ideas and thoughts, and assuming that men would just know better. After all it is a man’s world. They know more about the big bad world that’s out there and they care enough to create cocoons protecting the women in their lives from it. Bull. Shit. Absolute bullshit. Almost every aspect about the world that’s awful has been the product of male totalitarian leadership. I’m sick of having to accept that this is just the way the world works. We are told to deal with it and take the onus on ourselves to avoid dangerous situations. I might as well lock myself underground and await death in that case. Every place you could possibly go might kill you. Nowhere is safe. It’s about time we started making the world better rather than just dealing with the way it is now. I entirely stand with removing dangerous men from powerful positions. Pardon me but your inability to control your human body makes you unfit to serve in positions of power. Men hold strong opinions on women’s personal lives. It makes no sense. Women need to dress a certain way, avoid being alone and be vigilant simply because some men lack self control. No. Remove the ‘some men’ and problem solved entirely.

It’s about time that women voiced their ideas on how the world and justice system is run. Maybe it’s about time that men begin to experience having women legislate their behaviour and what they can and cannot do with their bodies. It’s no use trying to explain that it is not your place to control an entire gender’s freedom and physical bodies. No uterus; no power over it either. Two can play that game. Unfortunately it’s not a game to us right now; it’s not theoretical; it’s not speculation. Almost every mistake made by a human is just placed on gender if the human is female. But then let’s talk about male characteristics that make men unfit for certain jobs. Congressional meetings in many many countries often turn into barbaric brawls during disagreements when the entire purpose of meetings is to discuss and resolve issues. Majority (I’m sure at least one woman is the outlier) of the physical violence involves just men. Politics is supposed to be an environment of respect, professional negotiation and discussion and so on. If we are truly to speak of genders being suited for certain jobs I’m going to raise my fucking hand and say that women are far better suited to run governments. We are less prone to animalistic behaviour and definitely better at communication and negotiation. Humanity, empathy, ability to see the bigger picture and include the rights of all parties involved is generally the domain of women. How about we talk about that. Does that make men uncomfortable? Do you feel your rights being threatened because of other men’s aggression? Does this notion insult you? But wait there’s more. It is common knowledge that a lot of men think ‘with their genitals in mind’. Women are brushed off as harmless because so many straight men are desperate for sex. It’s a common theme in movies of how easy it is for women to use their sex appeal during criminal activities. Many scenes have security guards and men in high positions being conned and manipulated by beautiful women. And, of course, since it still is a man’s world this is attributed to being the fault of women. Women are evil. Because they’re beautiful. Being easily manipulated because of your own inner desires is your own fucking fault. It makes you the weaker human. It’s ridiculous to pass blame for your own weakness onto someone else. How about we screen men before placing them into any security positions. They won’t even know they’re being tested for their job. As part of the job application you subject them to a beautiful woman in a miniskirt and gratuitous cleavage clothing and see if he compromises his job at the prospect of sex. Most men I know would fail. If your desires weaken you to endanger your job and unknowingly assist in crimes then you aren’t suited for the job. Does this idea make men angry? I’m sure it would. You see… just these two scenarios is a tiny taste of how women could ‘logically’ have input in men’s lives. Also, strike the free condoms. Strike the limp dick juice funding. If pregnancy is god’s will so is limp dick and fatherhood. Enforce punishment by serious jail time for men to abandon their kids, the same way it is for women. No one wants to say how fucked up that is. A woman would (and should) be severely punished for abandoning unwanted kids. But men do it all the time. Men want to say whether or not women can have abortions, whether or not we deserve funding for our biological functions but then want to place full responsibility on women to devote their lives and do both parental roles in every manner possible. Giving money is the easiest part of any contribution. What matters is bearing the mental and physical strain of actually raising a child. But I don’t want to rule over men’s rights. And I don’t believe that other women would want to do that either. Simply because we don’t want to. All feminism fights for is equal oppurtunity to survive on our planet and to not be harmed. Yet men will say feminism is cancer. They complain about how feminism is ruining society. They complain about how ‘dangerous’ the world is becoming since women found their voices. It’s pathetic and weak.

In most relationships women generally bear most of the burden anyway. In having a child women bear almost all the burden. Husbands work hard and are entitled to meals cooked and being served like gods after working for the day. Now that women have human rights to be able to work as well it’s so clear to see that bringing in finances is not worship worthy. Now women have jobs, raise kids, run the household and do both roles simultaneously. Tell me again in what way are men the superior gender? I believe that there are wonderful men out there. I know a few of them too. Intelligent, balanced, empathetic, incredible fathers, partners, and so on. But they are individuals all too sparsely located and are a rare commodity. The male gender as a whole has forced power and control over women’s lives for as long as we can remember. They want to tell us how to live, how to dress, what we can and cannot do with our bodies, rip away our basic human rights, make it difficult for us to report assault; the list is goddamn endless. Inability to comprehend having your human rights threatened is largely attributed to the demographics that experience little to no resistance from the world. Resistance that is solely based on prejudice toward the manner in which you are born. Sadly this is dominated by the straight white male. The consequences of lacking vital information and experiences to understand the human condition led to Donald Trump being voted as the world’s most powerful man. It led to white men extensively complaining about affirmative action and to the extremes of claiming oppression over being required to be politically correct (but really it’s just about not being an asshole, not being a predator or harasser and not using racial slurs). Any comments section and trolling done about real issues are almost entirely the work of this demographic. Trump wasn’t a threat to men and was the step backwards into removing women’s rights and threatening the lives and livelihoods of nonwhites as well as the LGBTQ community. But he was elected. And the power is back in power-hungry male hands. Males who’ve never faced humans rights abuse and oppression. Males who hate that humans are being considered equal and valuable in modern civilisation. Males who are sexual and physical abusers. Males who believe humans have ultimate rule over plants and animals. Males who kill for pleasure (note he recently scrapped Obama’s policy that disallowed americans from taking our murdered African elephants back as trophies). “Meant to be” is one of the most destructive terms. Human beings are animals that became civilised by community effort. That does not change the fact that we are a part of nature. I hate that humans are born with undeserved superiority over nature because of the combined effort of other humans before them. Take away the unearned civilisation and you would be at the bottom of the food chain. People have zero respect for other living beings because they didn’t earn the upper hand over them. Just because you have collective power over their lives does not make it okay to treat them as such. I hate zoos. I hate cages. I hate deforestation. I hate animal abuse. Let’s put you up against that lion in your natural form and see who survives. We owe the earth and other living creatures the respect they deserve. This is their world too. It’s crushing to the human spirit to watch the world regress in civilisation and basic humanity. It’s time that women stepped up into positions of power and changed legislation to equally involve all humans affected.

The world is dying. Physically. Let women get involved and show the world that compassion, sustainability and avoiding violent conflict and wars is better than this sad shitty society created by aggressive men banging their chests for dominance. Civilisation and primitive behaviour cannot coexist. They contradict each other completely. To women in particular I’d say: the bad men are afraid. The more you speak your truth and the more you take back control of your own life and your own body, the more aggressive and angry they will get. But you have to stand up for yourself. Don’t wait for the mercy of others. It will never come. Take back your life yourself. And to men: If equal rights for other human beings make you uncomfortable take a step back and check yourself. Your issue is within yourself. Fix you and you won’t feel threatened by women anymore.

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