Out of the Cult Pt 2: The women hate

It’s been a while since part 1. This is quite heavy for me to tackle sometimes. Especially for the impact and pain it has caused me. Writing can be both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes it’s a release of something that has haunted you. Sometimes the release brings peace and healing. But for a large part, it’s a reminder of the things that broke my soul. And it fucking hurts. Every time my soul heals I feel okay to begin writing again. The pen tends to bare more of my soul than I intended once I get inspired and it always takes a boost of courage to share the thing that once made me so vulnerable.

It took me some time to realise that I was being raised in an actual cult. A cult so accepted by the community that quite a few people have latched on to the claim that my previous religion wasn’t bad because they know “normal”-ish people who are still a part of it. Religion tends to be the thing that the common folk shy away from critising even if it harms the lives of actual humans around it. People I once attended services with have sent me hate messages warning me of the consequences of blaspheming. Figuring life out on my own, surviving on my own and my own research has properly negated even a sliver of possibility in my mind of the Abrahamic god being real. Blasphemy, curses, all of these supernatural mind tricks that religion plays simply has entirely lost its effect on me. I stare into darkness and no longer imagine demons and torturous effects of not believing in the ridiculousness.

It’s generally referred to as “The message of the hour”. The cult claims that a specific prophet was sent during the “end times” to get the “bride of Christ” ready for the second coming of Jesus (the groom). You know what I find most disturbing about the christian god? His obsession with sex. If you read the song of Solomon, you will get an inkling of what this “god” views the church as. The church is often referred to as the “virgin bride” that god basically wants to take to heaven as his bride (to fuck). It’s really weird. “Make love to him, church.” That was for sure, a praise and worship phrase that weirded the fuck out of me. But let’s leave that for now. I was raised to pay severe and ultimate respects to this “prophet”. His teachings were considered to be sent by the holy spirit itself. Any blasphemy against him guaranteed your ticket to the lake of fire. It’s a pattern of the religious and comforting to most people that these “prophets” always tend to come from the most uneducated and least progressive backgrounds. The more educated and intelligent you are, the less likely it is that you will accept claims without proof. People who aren’t naturally inclined to understanding science tend to grow hateful to the concepts that they aren’t able to grasp and wholly grab onto the idea that this all-powerful god always talks through the uneducated. People who sound intelligent often makes them feel small because they simply cannot grasp these real life concepts. An old man yelling about sin and feeding their fears and hatred is definitely the more attractive concept.

No one likes fact checking. Why are humans so gullible when it comes to the topic of the supernatural. We’re so quick to latch onto another human’s mind experience. The human brain is so complex. It’s one of the most difficult things to study. We don’t even have the science of sleep down but non-scientists will swear to you that they’ve heard from god themselves. And people believe them so easily! I lived a substantial portion of my life in such reverence and fear of this prophet that I never thought to check whether any of these claims of prophecy were even real. It felt like blasphemy to ever type into google. A distinct feature of this prophet named William Marrion Branham was how much he genuinely hated women. I’ve read hundreds of books pertaining to him (this number is not even slightly exaggerated). His sermons are documented in books, cassette tapes and now CD’s. This is an international cult originating in the US. Now, it seems so typical that something like this has come out of the least progressive parts of the US. This has become an industry. Millions of followers, churches across the globe and his children and relatives have taken this over. People often don’t realise that every sect, cult or church is more a business than a place of prayer. There are billions of untaxed money in the christian industry. And I mean, billions. Branham lived from 1909-1965. Branham is regarded as ‘the twentieth-century prophet’; ‘A man sent from God’; and ‘a prophet to the Gentiles’ whose ministry ‘has been unparalleled since the days of our Lord Jesus Christ’. He claims hundreds of supernatural encounters including that at his birth a light descended from heaven and hung over his bed. The only witnesses are his mother (16 years old) and grandmother who served as the midwife.

What I want to focus more on is his teachings about women. Apart from the actual claims being unfounded and false, his teachings about women and how women should be treated are the most horrific and damaging. William Branham taught that: parents should beat their daughters if they ever went sunbathing; men should beat their wives if they ever smoked or wore clothes that he considered were immodest; Christians should approach women wearing makeup and call them “Miss Dogmeat”; and that the only place for a woman was in the kitchen. Women in the cult have to follow strict rules. There is a laid out, strict dress code. You aren’t allowed to wear pants. I’m not kidding. No pants whatsoever. Your dresses and skirts must cover your knees (knees are considered sexy by the prophet). No sleeveless or even short sleeve shirts. Absolutely loose clothing; it must never show the shape of your body. You are not allowed to cut, trim or style your hair with pretty things. Ever. This leads to very bad hair health as well. It took years for my hair to recover. Absolutely no jewellery, no makeup, no piercings (even earrings). Think of anything pretty or nice. Then the answer is no. Women can’t have it. Men in the religion are allowed to tell you how to dress and whether your clothes have offended them somehow.

He taught that parents and brothers should beat their daughters if they disobeyed the dress code. “That’s what they were doing in Sodom and Gomorrah. The natural use our bodies… The men become so plain to women today, there’s not even respect. They’ll hardly take off their hat, men will in front of women, and they have no respect for them at all. What did it? The women done it theirself. And you all talking about juvenile delinquency and things. I think it’s parent delinquency. Some of you let your girls go out and run around all night with a cigarette-smoking, cocktail-drinking party. Come in the next morning with her clothes half off her, old make-up all over her face and that, And you call the Kentucky mothers ignorant. Write her patch down with those Dogpatch, Lil’ Abner, and make fun of the Kentucky mothers. That’s some of my people up in there. Let one of them girls…?… it up there and, brother, I’ll tell you, she wouldn’t get out of bed for six months. She’d take a hickory limb and beat what clothes she had left on her off. And if you had something like that back in the church today, you’d have better. Amen. God give us the old time mothers. I’ve got two girls coming. I don’t know what they’ll be. And I’ve see them laying out on the beaches half naked before man stretching themselves out there, say they get a sun-tanning. Brother, I — I may not live. But if God lets me live and keep my right mind, if one of mine does it, she’ll get a son-tanning. It’ll be Mr. Branham’s son with a barrel slat behind her. She’ll be tanned all right. She’ll know where it come from too. Yes, sir.” Quote from 56-0122 THE.JUNCTION.TIME_ STURGIS.MI

Husbands should “blister” their wives if their dressing offends them. “You say, “Why you picking on us women?” All right, men, here you are. Any man that’ll let his wife smoke cigarettes and wear them kind of clothes, shows what he’s made out of. He’s not very much of a man. That’s exactly right. True. He don’t love her or he’d take a board and blister her with it. You know that’s the truth. Now, I don’t say that to be smart. I’m telling you the truth.” Quote from  58-0324, Hear Ye Him.

He also believed in insulting and humiliating women in public for their dressing and wearing makeup. “Women, there was only one woman in the Bible that ever painted her face, and that was Jezebel. And God fed her to the dogs. So if you see a woman wearing that, you can say, “How do you do, Miss Dogmeat?” That’s exactly what God called her. He fed her to the dogs. Exactly right.” Quote from  62-0720, A Testimony On The Sea.

He taught that women are evil by nature and more prone to the devil quite often. He said that women aren’t the “original creation” but a by-product of god making man. A woman is simply a companion to her male counterpart; created for childbirth and kitchen work. He believed that women should have never gained the right to vote or drive. He taught that women being given the power to vote is the downfall of America. “They made a mistake when they give her a driver’s license. They put her out here to voting. They put her out here to these public works. And during the time of the war, right in New York City, more illegitimate children was born in the city of New York, of prostitute women, and their husbands overseas, than there was soldiers killed in the four years of war.” Quote from William Branham, 56-0715 – The Mark Of The Beast, para. 132

I said, “They oughtn’t never let a woman behind a wheel.” Boy, if I was there, she wouldn’t do it, if I had anything to say about it. They say the women is the most safest drivers. I’m an international traveler. Me and my son, crossing this nation, put a book up in the—in the car. And every time a boo-boo was called, pulled on the road, we marked it down, “man” or “woman.” And out of three hundred, there were two hundred and eight-one of them caused by women; nineteen of them by men. That’s exact. Yet, she’s set there and push her hair up. And she turn out like this, and make a left’s right, and everything. But, oh, course, the police ain’t going to say that. They got them on a police force. What a disgrace! When a woman gets from behind the table in the kitchen, in the house, taking care of her own little ministry God give her, her babies, she’s out of the will of God.” Quote from William Branham, 63-0412M – The World Is Falling Apart, para. 211

Women deserve to be shot for being drunk. “But I can remember when my father’s still up there running, I had to be out there with water and stuff, see young ladies that wasn’t over seventeen, eighteen years old, up there with men my age now, drunk. And they’d have to sober them up and give them black coffee, to get home to cook their husband’s supper. Oh, something like that, I said, “I…” This was my remark then, “They’re not worth a good clean bullet to kill them with it.” That’s right. And I hated women. That’s right. And I just have to watch every move now, to keep from still thinking the same thing.”

According to him women belong in the kitchen alone; absolutely nowhere else. Look at these horror quotes. He taught that the ultimate and sole purpose of a woman is to bear and raise children. “A woman will take the place of a President or something, of great, some high power in America. When… I say this with respect, ladies. When a woman gets out of the kitchen, she’s out of her place. That’s right. That’s where she belongs. Outside of that, she has no place. And now, I’m not hard on them, but I just tell what’s the Truth and what the Bible. Used to be the man was the head of the house, but that was in Bible days. He isn’t no more. He’s the puppet, or he’s the—or the babysitter or something. And now… No, they want to take care of a dog, practice birth control, and pack a little old dog around in their arms all the time, so you can run around all night.” Quote from William Branham, 56-0513 – Teaching On Moses, para. 22. “Today, women is so brassy! Every… Their husband can’t even talk. They got to stick right out there, a cigarette in their hand, a pair of shorts on, doing all the talking. How a perverted race of people, she’s got to be chief cook and bottle washer, everything else! When she leaves the kitchen, she leaves her place of duty, right, as a mother.Now we find out, women then stayed back and behaved theirself, acted like ladies, their head was the one who did the decisions and things.” Quote from  William Branham, 62-0706 – Jehovah-Jireh #2, para. 111-113. “When a woman gets from behind the table in the kitchen, in the house, taking care of her own little ministry God give her, her babies, she’s out of the will of God. Put her in a pulpit, she’s out of the will of God. There’s no Scripture for a woman preacher. I want some man to stand and tell me that, look me in the face. There’s no such a thing. That, Pentecost is the grassroots of that stuff. Never was! Adam was first formed, and then Eve. Adam was not deceived. But, yet, you do it. And you see where you got yourself? Way out here on a limb, that, you can’t come back on now. But there you go. That’s it. That’s the world. That’s what you want. That’s what you want. That’s what you got. See?” Quote from  Branham, 63-0412M – The World Is Falling Apart.

1st. Timothy 2:9-11 Paul seals the revelation pertaining to a woman’s clothing, hair and subjection: 9. In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness [reserved and bashful] and sobriety; not with broided [elaborate] hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly [expensive] array [clothing]; 10. But (which becometh women professing godliness ) with good works. 11. Let the woman learn in silence [quietness] with all subjection [submissiveness].

That last quote was actually from the Bible. His teachings correlated quite strongly with Bible scriptures. People makes excuses that his “interpretation” of the Bible was not of love like Jesus said it should be. I can guarantee you that members of the cult believe that every other type of Christian are the same as non-believers entirely. If you do not believe and stand with “message of the hour” you’re going to hell just like everyone else. I was born into these beliefs and these views on women. I was taught these things every day, beaten like the prophet taught, shamed for even slightly or accidentally stepping out of the rules publicly. Being the smart bitch I am, none of the teachings ever went down well for me. I’ve read all the books. The doctrine is elaborate and unnecessarily complicated. People yelling and feeling so thrilled with themselves over understanding “deep” things about god. If you ask me, it’s a scheme to make people feel important and smart while stripping them of thought, money, freedom and everything that makes us human. Its prime purpose seems to control and dehumanise women. It creates evil men who believe that women are for the taking and to be controlled. I cannot explain to you how evil men in this cult are. They are some of the worst humans I have ever met on this planet. These quotes are just the tip of the iceberg of the hatred against women in this cult.

If you are a woman, you’re treated as far less than human. As if your brain doesn’t even work. Your only value is a working uterus. Even thinking about the cult makes me rage on levels that just aren’t healthy. I cannot fathom that I was taught all this utter bullshit, taught to hate my femaleness and my own body. My transition has been fucking elaborate. I even do nude modelling. I am insanely proud of myself, my body and all my fucking accomplishments. I drive like a beast, I have a great academic career, I vote, I know exactly how to say no to men, I know my worth like a fucking boss, I wear whatever the fuck I want to and goddamn I know how to stand up for myself now. Come here, papa. Try to beat me now. I’ll slit your fucking throat. Its been my fantasy for a while. Some men do not deserve life. On the top of that list is my biological father. He followed these teachings. Thanks to him, I saw unconsciousness on a regular basis and demands to be called “Lord”. I believe in the law and I do not want to be jailed; but I’ve got my champagne ready for when I hear the news. Open your eyes, humans. We are so far from equality. Most religions are against it anyway. Religion: made by men, for men. 


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  1. I just want to say that I was also raised in this cult and have escaped it! I’m so happy you did as well. I’d love to chat about our experiences sometime!

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